Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dinner with Plattsburgh alumni

One absolutely amazing part of my previous job are the contacts I currently have all over the world.  There is one Plattsburgh alum that Jon and I had dinner with last night.  He was born and raised in the city we are training in.  I actually ran into him at a hotel where Jon and I often relax in the outdoor courtyard.  He was here playing pool and we ran into eachother.  Small world!  Anyway, we certainly got together last night and enjoyed dinner together.  I am really excited because we come back to this training city every now and then over the next few years.  It felt great to reminisce with someone from Plattsburgh and hang out with a Tanzanian my age.  I will also be having dinner with many alumni in about a week in Dar es Salaam.  Super excited!

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