Sunday, July 15, 2012


Kigoma, a Tanzanian town set alongside Lake Tanganyika is pretty much like any other Tanzanian town. It has one main paved road with stores, guesthouses, and little restaurants lined up and down the main road. There’s nothing terribly special about this town except for the lakeside setting. Jon and I heeded the advice of Lonely Planet and set out to find private beaches where you pay admission to use their coves. We managed to get there by public transportation (dalla dalla), walked through a small village where we were screamed at and asked for money from everyone and then we finally entered the private beach resort. While it was too expensive for us to actually stay there; we both felt the costly admission (about $3-$4 USD) was definitely worth it. Jon and I went to this private beach setting twice while there. We swam in the calm water, walked on the sandy beach, and relaxed under their bandas sipping on azam juice boxes and eating fresh fruit.



  1. I love these photos and this story! I can imagine how difficult the traveling is, but you make it look worth it. And the leaping in the air clearly makes it seem like you are loving life!

  2. Oh man those pictures are travel magazine worthy. :)