Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween in Tanzania

Peace Corps volunteers like to get together and continue their American traditions. Some volunteers will teach their schools about these holidays, for example, Halloween. Other volunteers like to just celebrate it with other Americans. I tried teaching about our various holidays when I lived in Japan and it was often not terribly successful. For Halloween this year, we celebrated in our banking town at a hotel that has a nice party bar downstairs. I was incredibly surprised at the amazing costumes that people were able to create strictly from things available in Tanzania. We had dumb & dumber costumes, Peter Pan and Rufio (from hook), a lion tamer, a mechanic (or creepy man), cupid, pirates, and Jon and I were a Tanzanian mama and baby. I rode on his back in the same manner that Tanzanians carry their babies on their back. We didn’t do any trick or treating of course, but it was a very American adult Halloween!
We carved watermelons instead of pumpkins
Dumb and Dumber, Rufio and Peter Pan
Group Shot
We celebrated Halloween on the weekend after, which fell on my birthday. It turns out I share a birthday with two other volunteers! Folake bought us a cake!
Tanzanian mama and baby!
Lion tamer
Mechanic/creepy man and the morning after college girl

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