Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fly Season

There is a season for everything: rain, hot sun, cumulus clouds, colorfully bursting wildflowers, tall corn fields hiding my whereabouts from everyone but the chickens pecking between the stalks, leafy potato plants, juicy peaches, crunchy pears, sweet mangoes, irritating dryness, barren farm fields, cool wind, the cold, and even flies, buzzing, small, annoying flies. We're battling 50 buzzing flies that have decided to set up shop in our house. To make any meal consists of swatting away dozens of scavenger flies hoping to land on my food and have a taste. To eat food consists of walking around the room to confuse the flies of where my food is. They sequester in groups of 10 buzzing around and trying to mate, trying to fly faster to my old food. We cover the food, we keep all old food products out of the house, we keep the garbage burned, the litter box changed, and all potential fly attractions off limits. Even the cats are annoyed, chasing them around and on occasion making the swift jump into the air and catching one in their mouth, enjoying a mid-afternoon protein snack. I thought it was just us, but no, I visited our neighbors and sat in their house wishing for conversation but instead my ears were constantly filled with the zzzzz of a fly trying to say "feed me". Even as I type this, there's a loner fly buzzing back and forth in my peripheral view. It's time to fight back. I hung a sticky fly trap. I've left food in water and found 5 drowned this morning. I swat them. I point them out to Lia to help in her hunt of winning against the flies. But, ultimately, what will beat them? The weather. Once it starts to get cold again, these buzzing nuisances will fall one by one to the cold, frost-bitten earth. I'll win but am going to have to keep an all out battle on them to prevent them from simply taking my house and flying away with it in the meantime.

Now what, bitches?! (excuse my language!)

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