Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 2

I'm here in training and each day has been better and better.  I think the biggest impact for this attitude is that I finally got a good night's sleep last night (thanks to Lunesta!).  My first night here, I have to admit, I thought to myself...what did I get myself into?  I barely slept and my first day was hard.  However, I'm putting up a good effort.  Last night, myself and the girl (Tiffany) that I sat next to on the plane helped the cook roll out breakfast.  She gave us some lessons in Swahili while doing so.  The woman is a culinary teacher by day and cooks at this place we're staying at during the night.  The other Peace Corps trainees (technically, we're not volunteers until August) are all very nice and wonderful.  We aren't allowed to leave where we're staying, but there are many Tanzanian students here.  They are all so kind and welcoming.  I feel like the whole area is committed to ensuring we are leaning Swahili as quickly as we can.  They go out of their way and have a short conversation and correct us when we're wrong.  All the trainees have to wear nametags, so everyone calls to our name.  The Peace Corps personell are extremely caring and nice.  We had our first language instruction today and our instructor was great!  So far, I'm feeling really positive about being here.  I just put photos up on facebook..check em out!

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  1. I'm so excited to follow your journey Sara, as I have for all your other adventures!! I'm thinking of you! Good luck with your adjustment!