Saturday, June 18, 2011

Host family

Tomorrow we move to another city, but I am technically not allowed to post where we are going.  We are leaving this temporary training post and moving into a new location where we will focus 6 days a week, 10 hours a day on training.  The first two weeks we will train as a group, then the following 8 weeks, we train in small groups of five people.  We all move into host families tomorrow.  Jon and I will be living together.  We only got the name of the man and his wife that we are staying with.  Their name doesn't appear Tanzanian.  In fact, I think they might be of Indian origin.  If this is true, I am ecstatic because I absolutely love Indian food and it's likely there will be many vegetarian options.  Also, one of the current Peace Corps volunteers who is helping out in our training remembers this host family from last year.  She said they have a really nice house and it's located right near a public transportation stop.  Now, if they have a western style toilet, I will be soooo happy and lucky.  I am sad to be leaving Dar es Salaam without having seen pretty much anything, but am excited to get closer to our permanent site.  Swahili has been fun to learn and my fellow trainees and instructors continue to be patient and kind.  So far, I am really happy to be hear, still.  I wish I could type more about Tanzania, but I haven't really experienced much of it yet.  Peace Corps definitely holds our hands throughout this whole process.  I've had 3 shots so far and at least 2 more to go.  I don't know what my internet access will be like in the new area, but I certainly hope I will get to continue blogging!  Thank you again for all your support :) 

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  1. Any turkish toilets over yander? Post some recipes when you find good ones. :) Can't wait to hear more and miss you tons already. Let me know if you ever get skype hooked back up. Hugs.