Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I got a new bicycle!  I mean, it’s used, but it’s new for me!  I am really excited because now Jon and I can explore this area together.  There are a lot of nice trails that are near our home.  He’s been going out on his bike for the past month without me.
It was quite entertaining to get it back to my site.  We talked to two taxi drivers to see if they would be willing to transport our bike back.  They said they would for the fee of an extra person in the car, which was not a bad deal at all for us.  However, they were concerned that the street police would stop them and not let them take the bike hanging out of the trunk.  We agreed to walk the bike up the road that we live on, past the street police.  Then, the taxi driver came by to pick us up there so we wouldn’t be seen.  I love this country where people don’t care about laws nearly as much as stickler Americans!

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