Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jon & Sara vs. Team Panya

On Sunday, October 2, Jon and I bought a rat trap to try to deal with our furat traprry invaders.  Are rats smart?  I think so because right now they are making a joke of us.  We have set out the rat trap every night since Sunday.  We have put peanut butter, peas, butter, and some homemade concoction on the trap to try to kill them.  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night, the rats happily ate the food off our rat trap without any problem.  Last night, we tried a peanut and WHAM, not even 20 minutes later we got a rat.  Jon disposed of the body and we set it up again. This morning we woke up and again, we’ve been had, the peanut is missing and no dead rat.  I’m making a game out of this.  As of now, Team Panya (Team Rat) is winning. 
Jon & Sara – 1 point (for 1 dead rat)
Team Panya – 4 points (for each time they get the food without dying)
The rats are living underneath our bookshelf.  So, once we get enough of them dead, we’re hoping their little happy rat colony ceases to exist and we are going to try to cover all the holes into our house every night before bed.  But, don’t get me wrong, I feel bad about killing the rats.  They’re kind of cute.  Seriously.  Unfortunately, they chew through clothes, furniture, and are pretty dirty.  So, they’ve gotta go.  They really piss Jon off when they eat the food and don’t die.  I’ll update weekly on how the competition is going.

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  1. Who knew rats were so smart! hahaha good luck with that. :)