Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Even though my birthday is on November 3, we celebrated the weekend before.  Jon had planned a weekend where he cooked delicious food and I relaxed all day long.  We made lots of pizza and Jon finally got our solar shower working which has made me so happy!  The weather is finally hot enough during the days (about 85) that we can leave our solar shower out and it makes it nice and hot by about 3:30.  It’s the first hot shower I’ve had since we left America in June.  My bathing frequency has gone from about 3 times a week to 6.  It’s amazing!
The pizza turned out phenomenal, too.  The cheese which we had to buy in the amount of 2 lbs costs more than a day’s worth of pay for us.  Then, we also bought very expensive olives and mushrooms as well.  The pizza, made completely from scratch and cooked in a dutch oven (see below) was such a nice change from the typical rice, grains, and beans that we normally eat.
bday pizza
dutch oven
Overall, I did have a nice birthday weekend as Jon did most of our household chores (but, I still helped out because it’s a lot of work doing it all on your own!).  The weather was nice, too windy to ride our bikes, but warm!

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