Monday, November 14, 2011

Head Boy & Head Girl

On Wednesday of this past week, our school held elections to vote in next year’s student leaders – one girl and one boy.  There were two boys competing – one boy from 9th grade and one boy from 10th grade.  Then, there were two girls competing – both from 10th grade.  All three of the 10th graders were students I had been teaching in 10th grade.  They are all excellent students and natural leaders in their class.  The students spent about one hour rallying for the other students to vote for their selected candidate.  They took boards of wood from the forest and used chalk to write their friend’s slogan on it.  Then, they walked around the school ground chanting names.
In the end, it was the 9th grade boy who won and a landslide for one of the girls to win.   When the teacher announced the winner, there was no cheering, no applause, nothing, very anti-climatic. 

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