Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 School year

We had a school meeting yesterday, January 6.  It is finalized – I am teaching English to the eighth graders this year.  I am so happy!  Jon is teaching mathematics to the senior students and also the eighth graders, too.  We will also be sharing school librarian duties.  I hope to hold down two days and Jon will do two days.  This gives the students half the week to have a quiet place to study and ask questions to either Jon or I.  I am considering my sexual education class still.  Even though I am teaching only the eighth grade students – it is 28 periods per week.  That’s almost every single period of the week.  I am not sure I will have the time yet.  Jon doesn’t even have enough periods of the week to teach for how many classes he’s assigned.  Who knows how this will work out.  The other news we received is that school for us is not starting on January 16 (as we were previously informed), but actually on January 8…as in 2 days. Nothing like giving us plenty of time to plan (note: sarcasm).

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