Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lia is getting bigger!

We were really worried about Lia’s health about three weeks after bringing her home because all the other kittens in her litter died by this point.  However, I am certain that the amount of care and research I did on kitten nutrition is the reason Lia was the kitten who lived.  She was the runt, yet, sadly her other 4 sisters all died within a week of going home with their owners.  But, Lia is getting bigger every day and I am certain she will only get stronger from now!
Above: Lia, September – fits in the palm of my hand
Above, Lia, December – growing bigger and stronger every day!


  1. Yay Lia! What were the other people feeding their kitties????

    1. I'm guessing nothing. They probably expected the kittens to be able to fend for themselves, but they were definitely taken from their mother way too soon. We weaned Lia. It's so sad!