Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rat Wars

When Jon and I returned from our travels to Zanzibar, we had a very unpleasant surprise.  Rats invaded our house, even though Lia was home.  Oh, we thought we were so smart getting a cat, but the rats still prevailed.  We keep two doors in our house locked in case people break into our house.  The thieves would have an extra barrier to get into our locked rooms to steal our stuff.  But, this also prevented Lia from getting into these rooms, where the rats had a field day.  Our bedroom was covered in rat shit, my shirt was chewed up.  Our kitchen, on shelves that Lia can’t reach was also covered in rat shit.  Oh,  not to mention our spare room, too.  Jon and I spent a lot of time cleaning our house beforehand and we had to clean just as much as when we got back.  We were pleased to learn, however, that Lia had caught one rat while we were away (our neighbor who was feeding her got rid of the carcass).  That means Lia is big enough to catch rats now! 
In the mornings, when I first exit our bedroom, Lia usually comes sprinting down the hall to greet me.  Not this morning.  She was circling something in the living room and meowing at it.  I went to check on her.  Sure enough, there in the middle of our living room was the second rat Lia has killed. She’s still too small to eat them, but she is quick enough and cat-enough to catch her prey! 
As it stands – we gave Team Panya (rat) a lot of points for invading our house while we were away.  But, we also gave ourselves two more points for the rats that Lia caught.  So – Team Panya stands at 9 points and Sara & Jon have 7 points.


  1. hahaha do you have a board hanging up with little tick marks to keep track?

    1. We do actually! I will take a picture of it sometime :)