Sunday, February 5, 2012

A sea of potatoes

We live in the middle house.  All that green that you see – that is not grass.  Those are all potatoes.  This is how it looks everywhere right now.  These fields are dug by oxen with some sort of plow-like contraption.  Then, about a dozen people will go into the fields and plant the potatoes.  On occasion, there are men walking through the fields spraying them with insecticide.  They carry a container on their back and spray with a hose-like contraption.  All these fields are completely maintained by people without any machinery.  When Tanzanians ask me if there are fields like this in America, I say oh yes, there are, but the amazing part is that Tanzanians maintain it without machinery.  Apparently one potato plant can produce about 10-12 potatoes underneath the earth.  All of our neighbors growing these potatoes will sell them to the rest of Tanzania, going all over the country.  Jon & I hope to help harvest them when the time comes to see what it is like. 
walking home I posted this photo before, but these are the same fields that you see above.  I want you to see the difference!

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