Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I can honestly say that I feel like my Swahili is finally improving.  My students are most to thank – they correct me when I make mistakes and help me when I ask.  However, I do notice that I am unable to retain and recall things that used to be so easy for me to do in Japan.  I think it’s a crap statement- but I think it’s because I am getting a little older.  Learning Japanese at 22 was probably easier than to try to do at 28.  Even though Swahili is a far simpler language, things just don’t stick as quickly as they used to.  But, trust me, my Swahili still sucks, so don’t expect great things from me.  It’s just a noticeable improvement for once.  And yes, Jon’s is far better than mine (he studies easily one hour per day as opposed to my one hour every other month).


  1. Tell Jon to stop being such an Ogerachiever!

    Remember the Shrek billboards that used to say that? I thought it appropriate since we saw Shrek together. hahaha

  2. I guess the correct spelling would be Ogreachiever. Apparently I can't spell even made up words.