Friday, April 13, 2012

Peaches to pears

It’s gone from potatoes to peaches to pears. We cannot stop receiving free pears. Our house is always completely full with at least 15 pears at a time. I gave 5 away and we got 5 more. There’s a lady named Mama Furaha who invited Jon to come take pears because no one else is tall enough to reach the pears at the top of the tree. The tree’s branches are falling over by the weight of the fruit. Tanzanians eat them while they’re still unripe. They just cut it up with a knife and eat it hard. Jon and I wait until they soften up. Potatoes are making a comeback. Our roads are lined up with trucks hauling them off to other cities in Tanzania. I think we’ll start receiving free potatoes again soon.




  1. Could you make a pear pie? If Jon wasn't so tall maybe you wouldn't have so many pears. hahaha

  2. ahhh pear pie - i will have to look for a recipe for that. thogh pies are hard to do here with the oven situation and having to make your own crust. it might be worth a shot though!