Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rain, rain..go into my bucket everyday

For the last 6 weeks – 2 months, our water spicket has been broken. The teachers told us that it is because of a break in the pipe underground. It was supposed to have been repaired at least a week or two ago, but alas, we still sit without water. What do we do? Well, we break child labor laws and send off 6 students at a time to make a 1-2 mile trip to the next closest well. They bring the water back for us and we give them candy as thanks. We are lucky that it is the rainy season while this water issue is occurring. Suddenly, rainy days are a blessing and we’ve got everything outside trying to catch the rain water. We conserve, too.  All toilet flush water is water that has already been used to do dishes or laundry or to wash our hands. Jon is not showering daily and I am not using nearly as much water as I would to shower. We were buying our drinking water, but with a good rain pour yesterday, we used a bucket’s worth to sanitize and filter. It’s a challenge, but in the rainy season it’s feasible. If this still happens while the rainy season ends, I am not sure how we will manage. Our laundry gets put off hoping that the spicket will work soon. Laundry uses up most of our water.


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