Monday, April 2, 2012

South Africa is beautiful!

I am aware that not all of South Africa is as beautiful and developed as where I am staying, but to know that this type of development exists only a 3 hour flight from Dar es Salaam is just astounding. The weather is like fall and it's been beautiful and sunny every day.  The paved street are all lined with sidewalks and covered in tall Jacaranda trees. As my vision has been improving, I have been able to really appreciate the beauty around me.  South Africa seems to be much more like Europe and far less like Africa.
Paved roads with lines where people seemingly abide to traffic laws.
This is not Africa! 
The beautiful grounds to my bed & breakfast
where I am recovering.

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  1. Where in South Africa are you at the moment? We're writing back to your letter and you should expect something in the mail from us relatively soon!