Monday, May 14, 2012


Peace Corps volunteers have an uncanny ability to make whichever country they are living within a little America.
Our friend came up with the idea of making a corn hole (or bags, as some others call it) set to play when we all hang out. Jon and I had the wood boards made in our village and our friend bought an old T-shirt, beans, and had a seamstress make bean bags. We’ve been play corn hole for hours every time we get together.
Jon & Jordan playing corn hole in the parking lot of our hotel.
Safari Steve, our buddy who we often hung out with during training spent the last week creating a risk board with markers and crayons and folding tons of origami boxes and cranes for the pieces. Last night, we played for hours on end. I controlled most of North America until Safari Steve took me over. The square pieces can represent up to four “army men”, the baby cranes are horses and the big mama birds are tanks.
the incredibly well-made risk game board and pieces
my baby bird defending Greenland
the first epic battle: two mama birds defending North Africa and Brazil
Three mama birds
my epic battle: defending Greenland with mama bird. I won!
Mama birds “doing it”

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