Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Solar power!

I have family that loves me  a lot. I love to brag about how I  have family that loves me a lot. Some volunteers here get one package a year. Meanwhile, I get one package per week. I got the ultimate package -my cousin built me by hand a solar panel unit that can charge my computer, power light bulbs and generally make my life so much better. The teachers at my school know how to install these units and one afternoon, Jon and two teachers got it installed.
Step one: Jon putting together the solar unit as per perfectly detailed instructions from my cousin.
Step 2: Tanzanian colleagues installing the solar unit to our roof since they have installed their own and a few of our neighbor’s units.
A close up view of the installation on our roof.
Step 3: Jon going into our “attic” to pull the wires through from our roof into our house. Jon came back out completely covered head to toe in spider webs and dirt. Jon needed to make the trip again to pull extension cords through the ceiling to the room we put light into.
Step 4: Hanging up the battery and meter reader onto our wall. We can plug our electronics into the box. At the moment this picture was taken, we were charging our computer and my ipod.
Step 5: Light bulb! Candle lit dinners are not romantic. Life seems more romantic when you can see the face of the person you love :)
THANK YOU Brian and Dianna!

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  1. Woot Woot! Looks like it was an adventure to get it up and running. :)