Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All that preparation, and yet…

We spent this entire week so far cleaning up our house.  The reason for such a clean up is because we are hoping to be gone for a few weeks total.  After seemingly endless loads of laundry, putting away stuff for school that will be unnecessary until the school year starts, scrubbing our floors, and locking away our valuables, we finally departed this morning to catch a bus to Iringa.  We are taking some time here on our way to our conference for In-service training.  After some searching, we located our quaint little guesthouse that is recommended by other Peace Corps volunteers who often visit this city.  It wasn’t until we arrived here, 5 hours later on a bus, that we realized we left our camera at our house in a place where we would not forget to take it.  After a few phone calls, I think it is likely that a friend will bring us the camera tomorrow when she meets us here, hopefully.  Really hopefully, because we’ve requested vacation time to visit Zanzibar.  It would totally suck to not have our camera in such a beautiful place as Zanzibar. 

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