Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Freedom, at last!

Peace Corps graciously hosts a 10 day conference for us to get some in-service training after three months at site.  We spent ten days back in Morogoro with all the volunteers that we trained with back from June until mid-August.  Surprisingly, our whole training class is still here, no one has "terminated early” and gone back to the USA.  The ten days of training provided us with opportunities to learn about how to tackle some of Tanzania’s pressing issues while being teachers in our communities.  In addition to teaching, next year I also hope to be the school librarian, run an English club, and teach sex education to the grade 9 females as an HIV-prevention method.  Jon and I live in one of the country’s highest areas of people living with HIV/AIDS.  However, ten days of training for 8 hours straight is really not that fun.  The very next day that training ended and we had our freedom back, we headed to Zanzibar to get some rest and relaxation!  After a very frustrating trip to the island, we finally arrived with the smell of fish in the air and excitement in our veins!


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