Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well, it’s being shut off

buckets of water
This afternoon, our neighbor came by with an urgent message.  She told us, quick, fill up all your water now, someone is coming to shut off the well! Can wells be shut off?  Apparently so, if the water bill is not paid.  Who knew?  The teacher explained to us that the school is supposed to pay the water bill, but the school has no money, so they are coming to turn it off.  It was a mass race for the well, all the teachers living around us scrambled to get water before it got shut off.  Our next question of course was, when will we get water back?  The answer was: I don’t know, but the school has no money, they are trying to ask the water people for more time to get the money.  We only have 5 days that we need water for until we travel for a work-related conference.  Our decision was to fill up as much as we could to try to last 5 days, if it comes down to it.  Here’s a sampling of most of our water holders at the moment.  We saved two pots to cook with.  It’s never a dull moment here.

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  1. It is so crazy that stuff happens! My counterpart from Romania said the school didn't have heat since the end of September which is when the very cold season starts of 30 or below...because of the same reason! Nutso. I hope your water is back.