Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tanzania, really?

Zanzibar is like a whole different world from the part of Tanzania in which Jon and I live in.  It’s hard to tell it’s the same country.  We stayed in the world-famous area of Stone Town which has been built up to attract many tourists.  After six months of being a hot-commodity for being foreign, suddenly we’re like any other tourist where everyone speaks to us in English and harasses us to buy their things or take their taxi, or to let them be our tour guide.  It’s really quite annoying, but such is the condition of any huge touristy area.  In any event, we are ecstatic at the delicious food we are having, street lights!, and the phenomenal surroundings.  The island is characterized by the dominance of the Muslim religion.  Nearly all women here are covered and you can hear the call the prayer all over town.  Once you get away from Stone Town a little, you find what is “real” Tanzania with the poverty and the markets.  Stone Town is just a small portion of the island that I am sure tricks many visitors into believing that the whole island is as developed as this.  Jon and I have gone through an almost “culture-shock” by being here, even though it’s Tanzania.  Really, Zanzibar, are you Tanzanian?

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