Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! Jon and I aren’t doing much today, on actual Thanksgiving day, however, we are hosting 18 people at our house on Saturday. We decided to celebrate Saturday because most of us volunteers had to work today. Most friends will arrive Saturday morning and we are trying to make this as traditional as possible. We managed to find a turkey, a costly turkey that is. We got an 11 pound turkey for about $60. In addition to the turkey, in Tanzania we will be able to make mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, veggies, and homemade bread. For dessert, we, along with other friends will make from scratch pumpkin pie, apple pie, cake, chocolate pineapple pie, and a few others. We are giving it a Tanzanian twist by making a bucket full of guacamole.

I have explained to a few of my classes about Thanksgiving and about what we are making. In Tanzania, traditional holiday food consists of chicken, rice, spiced rice, and soda. They think it is really funny that we are eating a turkey (well, everyone but me) and that we are eating potatoes instead of rice.

This year I am thankful for me being able to actually be in Tanzania. Although daily is pretty much a challenge for me, it is a really good experience. Despite all of my health issues that 2012 has challenged me with, I am grateful to be able to spend this holiday with my American friends in Tanzania. I am also thankful for the best husband I could ask for. I know that’s all mushy and stuff, but I am just so thankful for Jon. I am always thankful for all my loving family and friends. I think they know that, though. Happy Turkey Day everyone!


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