Sunday, November 11, 2012

A mid-November update

There's been quite a bit going on with me now that I have returned to my village. Some updates that have changed things up around here is that my little buddy Ben has moved to town with his family. I will not longer have the pleasure of entertaining him at the house. I am sure we'll miss him. It will be interesting to see whether his friends decide to come over and play despite him not being there anymore. Our last day at our house, he colored and blew some bubbles. My school schedule has decreased a little bit. I lost 6 periods a week to a Tanzania English teacher who will teach the students literature. I am fine with this because it's only a month more of school and because personally, I don't want to teach literature anyway. I am still teaching them grammar. This means I am only working Tuesday - Thursday now.

My first weekend back to my village, Jon and I participated in the graduation ceremony. It was more meaningful for Jon because he actually taught these students. I put together a little video to show you what a Tanzania graduation consists of. In addition to calling the names of the students and various speeches by guests of honor and the principal, the students put together entertainment acts. Graduation is a joyous event followed with free lunch for all participants.

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