Monday, November 19, 2012

Milk man

Exciting village news for the Mortelette-Tomasikiewicz household. We found a milk man! We used to get milk bi-weekly when we went into town, but as you can imagine, without a refrigerator, we can only get enough for one or two days. There’s a milk factory run by an Italian organization that we used to get our milk from. Now, we get it delivered by a local village man who owns two cows. We gave him a monthly schedule of when we want milk and he delivers it to us on his bicycle. A half litre costs us .33 . He brings it to us in an old soda bottle in a plastic bag. We go into the house and pour it into another container of ours and we return his bottle and plastic bag for him to reuse right there on the spot. Since the milk comes straight from the cow’s udder, we must boil it before we can use it. Jon is super excited about our new milkman, he loves milk. Personally, I don’t like the taste of milk but I am excited to cook and bake with fresh milk…literally milked that day…and to have milk in my coffee in the mornings!


Bringing our milk to a boil for 3 minutes


Sanitized and ready to use

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