Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Common Tanzanian food

Adapted from a free publication called "Go Dar es Salaam":

Tanzanians come from a variety of cultures bringing rich diversity in the way Tanzanians live, socialize, and eat their food.  Here are some of the most popular local dishes and local food and drinks:

1. Ugali - is made from maize flour, mixed with boiling water and cooked until it becomes solid yet soft enough to mush around in your palms and dip into a sauce.  Ugali is commonly eaten with beef, fish, chicken, beans, or vegetables.  It is loved by many (if not all) Tanzanians.

2. Ndizi - cooked bananas - and there are tens of ways bananas can be cooked, depending on the region the variety is from; Bukoba, Moshi, Mbeya, and Morogoro varieties are the most popular.

3. Wali - it is simply rice.  What you do in the process of cooking rice can change the name of the end product. Straight white rice without spices is simply wali.  Add spices and it becomes pilau. Add yogurt and several other spices it becomes biriani (essentially curry).

4. Nyama Choma - spiced roasted beef or chicken.

5. Mishikaki - pieces of marinated roast beef, fish, or chicken on a stick, very similar to shish kebabs.

6. Chipsi mayai (my favorite!) - fresh eggs are poured on chips (french fries) in a frying pan, and they cook together into a delicious treat.  Add some salt and chili sauce for the best combination! Often served with a side of kichimbari which is a salad of cut tomatoes, onions with fresh squeezed lemon or lime over the top.

7. Samaki-mchuzi - meaning fish curry (or gravy, sauce, soup).  Can be served with wali, ugali or chapati (like naan) .

8. Maharage - eaten regularly by Tanzanians. Usually served with wali, ugali, or ndizi.  Maharage is just simmered beans (usually with a lot of salt).

9. Chapati - a fried circular bread, similar to naan and often eaten as breakfast

10. Maandazi - the Tanzanian version of a donut (without sugar) and eaten as a breakfast item

11.  Chai - tea, often served with a lot of sugar and the option to add milk

Soda (coke products are most often seen) is often served at celebrations such as weddings or school graduations.

Common fruits that are available seasonally include: mangoes, papaya, oranges, watermelons, avocados, sweet bananas, and pineapples.

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  1. How about when you come back you open a Tanzanian restaurant because all of that sounds amazing!