Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slipway in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is not a city with much to do besides shop, eat, or lay on beaches. Most volunteers come here for the beaches to relax after months in the village, fun shopping for difficult to find food items or fun Tanzanian stuff, or the excellent choices of restaurants. But, as someone who lives in Tanzania on a volunteer salary and not just visiting for a few weeks, it can be difficult to really enjoy all that Dar has to offer  One place that Jon and I have been visiting frequently that is popular for shopping and food is known as Slipway. It's situated on the Bay of Msasani, so it offers nice views of the water.  There are dozens of shops offering Tanzanian souvenir goods marked up to twice of the price of what you can get in Iringa, several little restaurants and an ice cream shop, a grocery store offering many western food items, a book store, and many other luxury goods. It's relatively close to where we are staying, so we like to go get ice cream and look at the water.  Sometimes, it's torture for me because there are such cute little shops that I want to buy so much from, but I can't afford on my volunteer budget! It's a great place to do Christmas shopping for friends and family back home who would like an ideal Tanzanian souvenir!

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