Tuesday, March 6, 2012


When living in a foreign land, it is always nice to find things that remind you of home, food, music, clothes, sounds, smells, etc..  As you start to integrate into the culture of that foreign land, you start to lose a little bit of your home country identity and take on some new aspects of the new culture you've immersed yourself into.  Maybe you prefer some new culture music over Miley Cyrus or maybe you really love wearing skirts instead of pants.  But, I think it's awesome when both culture clash into one thing you love.  This is what happened today when I found "sweet chilli pepper" doritos.  A delicious and tasty American chip flavored with Tanzanian spices.  They are amazing!


  1. SWEET CHILLI PEPPER!!! I love anything sweet chili pepper flavored! Do you remember the potato wedges in Australia that came with sweet chilli sauce. Sooooo delicious.

  2. oh my gosh, i tell jon about those all the time. those were amaaazing. we should try to make them together the next time I see you!