Monday, August 6, 2012

Gombe Stream National Park III

As we began walking away from the chimpanzees and leaving behind the dozens of chimpanzees and researchers, I wondered…maybe we should stay just a little longer? I talked it over with Jon and we decided to move on after all. The guide estimated it was another two hours of hiking to see a waterfall and go up to what they call “Jane’s Peak”. Away we went, up and up. We reached the waterfall first which was a tall, thin beautiful waterfall. We saw some gorgeous fauna and creepy insects along the way.IMG_6190



Jane’s Peak which is where the below picture was taken from is a peaceful spot which overlooks Lake Tanganyika in the distance and the mountains of Gombe Stream National Park. It is said that early in her research, Jane Goodall would come to this spot to listen for the calls of the chimpanzee to determine which part of the forest they were currently in.




After reaching Jane’s Peak and relaxing a little while, we hiked back to our guesthouse and swam in Lake Tanganyika again. This concluded our trip to Gombe. The next morning, we caught the public taxi back to Kigoma again before flying out to Dar es Salaam. I decided I couldn’t do buses all the way back to Njombe again. Besides, a 24-hour layover in Dar es Salaam isn’t a terrible place to be!

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  1. Following the steps of Jane Goodall is pretty awesome!