Friday, August 31, 2012


Peace Corps hosted a “superregional” conference whereby all the volunteers over three regions came together to discuss what’s going on with us. We shared our successes, failures, hopes, and frustrations and enjoyed eachother’s company. After the meeting, there were a few days available to hang out in Mbeya before we had to take a bus to Dar to join another conference. So, we enjoyed the amazing food of Mbey, the great company of the other volunteers and most certainly, what Mbeya has to offer.

A group of us hiked Loleza Peak; the peak is 8, 714 feet high and was a very difficult climb for me. The first part of the hike includes walking through farm fields and making your way up to a steeper section. This steep section doesn’t seem quite so bad in retrospect. You eventually reach a large white cross and then you can see the top of the one of the peaks. The way up to this peak was really difficult and scary. It involved straight up scrambling to reach the top. After that, it was only about another 45 minute walk to the peak which is covered with some sort of electrical system. We made some Tanzanian trail mix and slowly made our way back to Mbeya!




Partial group shot on the way up


Fo hugging Mbeya




Mbeya Peak


Concrete slab at the summit


Tanzanian trail mix


  1. Looks like so much fun and amazing views!!

  2. What was in your Tanzanian trail mix?

  3. peanuts, popcorn, and these fried spaghetti noodle things they make here (like a cheetoh texture without the cheesy taste)