Monday, August 13, 2012

Kittens having kittens

When Jon & I took Lia, we were really hoping she would be a boy. We did not want to deal with a pregnant cat or kittens. She was too small to really determine her sex. She looked like a girl to us, but all the kittens basically looked the same. So, we took her because she was the runt, super cute, and all the kittens looked the same (I mean maybe they were all female). All these months passed and for the first time in July, Lia went into heat. I am not sure if any of you have ever heard a cat in heat since most Americans have their female cat spayed (a very good thing for you and for your cat), but if you haven't, imagine a cat wailing and howling for 3 days straight with maybe 20 minutes break in between. Maybe she slept when we were at work, we don't know. A cat in heat will rarely eat and can't focus on anything but mating. If you pet her, she will go into mating position, with her butt in the air. As annoying as she is, you feel bad for her because she is so sad when she hasn't mated and you can hear it in her howls. It's imperative that you don't let the cat outside because she will mate. We had a male cat come to our door in the night several times and cry for her. She'd cry back at him and paw at the door. As you can imagine, after several days of no sleep from her constant crying, you begin to think about how this can end. So, the second time she went into heat, Jon built her a cat house outside. Imagine a dog house, but for cats and a blocked off entrance way so she can't get out. We put her in there when she was really loud in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, she didn't mind the cathouse so much. But, unfortunately, the children who live around our house let her out. So, now, we think she's pregnant. Why? She was gone for a few hours and then returned all quiet and peaceful. And she hasn't gone into heat since. Lia's not even one year old yet, but she might be having babies in October. Any volunteers reading this want one?

Pregnant or not: she loves "tight rope walking" the top of our fence

how to get down...

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