Saturday, August 25, 2012


Our Peace Corps friend Dave who lives on the island of Pemba (north of Zanzibar) came to visit us at our site with his fiancé Katie. As a “thanks for having us” gift, he brought us some of his homemade wine. Volunteers love to make homemade wine as relatively easy and it’s significantly cheaper than buying alcohol here (remember: we’re volunteers and have very little money). Dave’s wine was by the far the best homemade wine I’ve tasted in country. Dave and Katie stayed for a few days and we enjoyed each other’s company playing cards, going for walks, and making and eating good food. Afterwards, we all journeyed to our closest neighbor, Mr. Clay who is about a 4 hour walk away. Mr. Clay, the oldest volunteer in Tanzania is 81 years old and loves receiving company. His house is adorable and he loves making us pancakes for breakfast!
Homemade wine made from three types of fruits
The journey to Mr. Clay’s
Mr. Clay’s adorable house


  1. Looks like fun Sara!!! I can't believe you actually walked for 4 hours to visit someone though!

  2. Aw Mr. Clay's house is adorable! :P