Monday, August 20, 2012

The most disgusting spider ever

Jon went for a bike ride and came across the most disgusting spider ever. If I ever saw this spider in my house I would scream so loud, you’d hear me back in America. I wish I had a smart phone where you could take a picture of this spider and then it sends back the information of what it is. We have no clue if it’s poisonous. If I didn’t see it sitting in the spider web, I am not even quite sure if I would know that it is a spider. It looks like it came straight out of Harry Potter’s forbidden forest and it wants to eat humans. My stomach feels nausea just looking at these pictures!




Although recently, we did come across a fairly disgusting spider right outside of our house, you can see it in the picture below:


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  1. OMG I just gagged a little...I don't mind snakes, but spiders and cock roaches I can't handle...YUCK!!!!!