Sunday, July 3, 2011


June 24, 2011
I’m starting to miss things.  I miss coffee, like real coffee.  Every now and then I get a mug of instant, but it’s terrible.  I am missing hot showers.  I am missing the internet and my friends.  I am missing variety in food.  I am missing looking cute in capris and a tank.  I’m missing toilets.  I want some ice cream and some chocolate.  I miss my privacy. It’s Friday night and it doesn’t feel that way at all.  It’s just like any other day now.  I still have training tomorrow and even if I didn’t, I would be awoken early by my surroundings.  On some positive news, I saw monkeys today.  They had blue balls.  They were climbing all over the lawn outside training and jumping up into trees.  It was pretty cool.  We are hoping to get a cell phone this weekend.  Also, I’m hoping to be able to post this up soon.  We’re also signed up to hike in two weeks.  I really am looking forward to that.  Jon is progressing much better at Swahili than I.  I am so happy for him, but frustrated with myself.  I just can’t remember as much.  Tonight, my host brother asked me why I don’t speak as much Swahili.  It’s really sad to me.  I hope I can find a way to lift my spirits soon. 


  1. When you tell me where you are living I will send you some coffee!! Not exactly instant, but VERY good, I drink it all the time!!

    Haha and of course the MAIN thing I got out of this post is that you don't have coffee!! But I mean really, thats just tragic!

    Feel better love and Jimmy says hi to you and Jonny :)


  2. Sara, hang in there...remember there is always a transition period and you are right in the midst of it. It will get easier in time. I am always thinking of you and have so much respect/admiration for what you and Jon are doing. I think it is awesome and amazing. This experience will only make you stronger. Lots of love!

    Erin :)