Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today was my third day teaching and it didn’t go as great as yesterday.  It wasn’t a bad class or anything, it was just dry material and hard to get the students to get motivated.  It’s my last day for this week and so I won’t see the students until Monday, which is fine.  The last three days have been a preview of our life post-training.  We don’t have water for the majority of the day.  We finally figured out that there is an agricultural exhibition on August 8 and so they are diverting the water from houses so that they exhibitionists can work on their projects.  So, this means that pretty much until we are done with training, we’ll have no water until about 7:00pm everyday.  While many people live without running water anyway, our house is set up to have water.  So, our toilets require water.  There is no outdoor latrine like most people have if their houses don’t have running water.  We are definitely not enjoying this “rationing”.  In other good news, an “internet café” just opened up the road from me.  So, money permitting, I should be able to get online a little more often.  I haven’t gone yet, but if it’s painfully slow, I won’t be using it as much as I am hoping for.  This weekend is our anniversary.  It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, I was freaking out over the wedding.  Wow.  And it also reminds me how much I miss all my friends and family back at home.  Miss and love you all! xoxo

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