Saturday, July 2, 2011


June 23, 2011
Training is getting harder for me.  Not harder meaning I can’t understand the content, but super hard in terms of motivation and staying alert.  We’re exhausted, I’m exhausted.  I used to be able to get through the first half of the day okay.  Now I’m just tired all day.  It’s hard to concentrate on anything but wanting to be in a nice big hotel bed.  Our bed at our homestay is great, but it’s a really loud place.  It’s hard to get much sleep.  Mooster is up early and late.  Swahili is coming very terribly for me, I think.  The concepts are simple, but I am not having much opportunity to speak.  This evening after training, a group of us got some beers at a local bar.  It was so good to be around other trainees in a non-training setting.  It’s also nice because we discovered that this bar is really close and that there are 5 other trainees who are really close to us.  It was only about a 10 minute walk.  I am pleased to learn that.  Yesterday, Jon asked our host mama, “where can I play in the trash”?  He meant to ask “where can I put the trash”?  Mama laughed hysterically at him.  Other than that, things are just progressing as we’re all burning out.  We technically have a day off on Sunday, but it’s not. Our host mama will be teaching us lots of new things…

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