Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Bread

Our host brother was very gracious and showed us how to make homemade bread and cook it in an “oven”. You see, when Jon and I get to our own home, we won’t have many of the luxuries that my host family has. So, we have to learn these skills…how to cook using a charcoal oven. Basically, you make the bread dough, put it in a pan, just like in home. Then, you just light up some charcoal (takes about 15 minutes). You place another large pan over the charcoal, place the little pan with the bread in it inside the big pan, then cover it. On top of the cover, you place about 95% of the charcoal there. Then, it creates an oven with charcoal heat coming from under the pot and above the pot. The bread turned out delicious!

the dough

Pan in pan

making the fire
charcoal grill