Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Jon and I went for a walk today, July 5th. We walked up to a university nearby our house. It’s a great walk because there’s so many people out and about playing soccer and a version of basketball that Tanzanians call netball. It’s also such a great walk because it’s all uphill. During training, we get very little exercise. I’ve really not sat around so much in my whole life. This little walk is perfect because it’s near our new training site and our home. We are hoping we can easily do this walk everyday after training. I found a women’s team of netball. They meet at 4:00pm everyday. I am considering joining it. Although, I am completely unfamiliar with the rules and it’s like basketball, so being short is definitely a disadvantage. But, it would be fun. I’m here in this location for 7.5 more weeks, it would be nice to make some local friends.

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