Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just another day

It’s Friday, the first of July! This week went far quicker for me than last week. I got sick this week, nothing terrible, just a cold. But, when we’re already training a lot, it’s hard to get through the days with something even as silly as a cold. It really affected my language learning since I’m too tired to study in the evenings. I am sure I’ll be fine in a few days and hope to get some more energy back to study in the evenings. My host family gained another family member. Mama’s second son arrived yesterday. He’s a year younger than I. He’s been in Dar es Salaam this whole time. I don’t know if he’s here permanently or will leave again. Our eldest host brother will be leaving in a week or two for some time for work. I’ll really miss him, I’ve grown fond of his carefree attitude and his friendly demeanor. He’s always so eager to share Tanzanian facts with us and very open when we ask him questions. He is truly interested in making sure we are happy. For example, tonight he made us this delicious meal with cheese. Cheese in Tanzania is very expensive and very rare. He was so pleased to make us happy. Mama was really busy this week, she had two major catering events.
Yesterday, Jon and I got a coconut off the street for 33 cents. It was so delicious and fun! Also, today Peace Corps gave us snickers bars. So delicious! It’s the little things that count. Monkeys continue to play at our training site which is fun, too.

Jon got a great photo of the monkeys jumping between our training buildings
But, other than that, there’s not terribly much to say because we’re just training most of the time. We hike on Sunday and Mama should teach us some new skills. By the way, letters are making it here in about 10 days from America. Feel free to write. But, please don’t send any packages yet. It’s a long explanation as to why, but it will be better to send them to me when we have our permanent mailing address.

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