Friday, July 8, 2011

Uluguru mountains

On Sunday, a large group of us trainees went on a hike in the mountains nearby our training city. It was excellent to get out into the fresh air and spend time outside of the classroom! We hiked in the Uluguru Mountain range, which just dominates the area. The hike initially meanders up through small little villages before it reaches a trail. Our endpoint was amongst a little waterfall. Several people went swimming, but most of us just relaxed and basked in the sun. The majority of people hiked down earlier and about 10 of us stayed behind to enjoy the afternoon. We were visited by three children between the ages of 7-12 or so who loved to be around all the foreigners. They loved having their picture taken to see themselves on the camera. In the evening, when Jon and I got back home, our mama had ice cream waiting for us. It was a real treat!

Adorable girl

An overview of where we are staying


  1. Wow! Great pictures Sara!! Keep them coming, along with your writing :)

  2. Oh my so beautiful! Sounds like things are going great and I am so glad for you!